Angus and Sue's Camino Overview

Our Camino / Way of St. James / Jakobsweg / Chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle

Angus and Sues Camino



From Constance on the German border on the SCHWABENWEG, through Switzerland over the Brünnig pass on to Geneva on the French border, then through France to Le Puy on the VIA GEBENNENSIS and across to Bayonne on the VIA PODIENSIS. Then down the coast to Hendaye to the CAMINO DEL NORTE and over the Spanish border to IRUN, and continuing down the coast to Santander and on to Oviedo. From Oviedo we followed the PRIMITIVO (including the Hospitales route), crossing by the CAMINO VERDE $ to Arzua and the last part of the CAMINO FRANCES into Santiago de Compstela.

133 walking days between 23/9/2018 and 3/5/2023
2628 km (approx. 20 km/day)

Date OUR CAMINO   km m upm dnPage
23/09/2018Konstanz to MarstettenDE16.8202183 swiss001
24/09/2018Märstetten to Tobel CH13.818355 swiss002
25/09/2018Tobel to Fischingen CH19.8251114 swiss003
26/09/2018Fischingen to Steg via Hörnli CH12.5549479 swiss004
27/09/2018Steg to Rapperswil CH25.5207462 swiss005
28/09/2018Rapperswil to Einsiedeln CH18.2696192 swiss006
29/09/2018Einsiedeln to Malosen CH10.81681 swiss007
30/09/2018Malosen to Brunnen CH19.14181009 swiss008
02/10/2018Brunnen to Beckenried CH16.6517517 swiss009
03/10/2018Beckenried to Stans CH13.4193174 swiss010
04/10/2018Stans to Kloster Bethanien CH17.1526179 swiss011
05/10/2018Kloster Bethanien to Giswil CH16.7178473 swiss012
13/10/2018Giswil to Brünig CH17.3712208 swiss013
14/10/2018Brünig to Brienz CH14.4161581 swiss014
19/10/2018Brienz to Interlaken CH20.9698677 swiss015
21/10/2018Interlaken to Merligen/Spiez CH18.8567587 swiss016
11/11/2018Spiez to Amsoldingen CH15.1302278 swiss017
18/11/2018Amsoldingen to Riggisberg CH17.5270143 swiss018
01/12/2018Riggisberg to Rueggisberg CH5.0 1553 swiss019
26/12/2018Rueggisberg to Schwarzenburg CH11.4191273 swiss022
27/12/2018Schwarzenburg to Heitenried CH15.5382412 swiss023
29/12/2018Heitenried to Fribourg CH17.4141316 swiss024
30/12/2018Fribourg to Autigny CH19.5689236 swiss025
31/12/2018Autigny to Romont CH13.211792 swiss026
17/02/2019Romont to Moudon CH17.4112301 swiss027
23/02/2019Moudon to Montpreveyres CH16.132452 swiss028
03/03/2019Montpreveyres to Lausanne CH19.272 407 swiss029
16/03/2019Lausanne to St.Prex CH16.835 8 swiss031
23/03/2019St.Prix to Gland CH25.8153120 swiss032
30/03/2019Gland to Coppet CH23.9118144 swiss033
31/03/2019Coppet to Geneva CH22.1152137 swiss034
07/04/2019Carouge to Beaumont FR6.8 87 50 france001
08/04/2019Beaumont to Contamine-Sarzin FR21.9210507 france002
09/04/2019Sarzin to Seyssel FR25.8210507 france003
10/04/2019Seyssel to Chanez FR23.695 313 france004
11/04/2019Chanez to Yenne FR21.1374385 france005
12/04/2019Yenne to St.Genix FR23 687236 france006
13/04/2019St.Genix to Pont de Beauvoisin FR16.210784 france007
21/09/2019Les Abrets to Le Grand Lemps FR29.5399434 france008
22/09/2019Le Grand Lemps to Cote St.Andre FR15 126481 france009
23/09/2019Cote St.Andre to Revel-Tourdan FR22.3189202 france010
24/09/2019Revel Tourdan to Assieu FR22.3369415 france011
25/09/2019Assieu to Chavanay (Bessey) FR21 292179 france012
26/09/2019Chavanay to Bourg Argental FR27.8578313 france013
27/09/2019Bourg Argental to Les Setoux FR17.3709159 france014
28/09/2019Les Setoux to Montfaucon FR15.7422637 france015
29/09/2019Montfaucon to St.Jeures FR23.6264155 france016
30/09/2019St.Jeures to St.Julien Chapteuil FR21 239478 france017
01/10/2019St.Julien Chapteuil to Le Puy FR22.535 228 france018
22/09/2021Le Puy to Bains (Fay) FR20.945557 france021
23/09/2021Bains (Fay) to Monistrol FR17.7271759 france022
24/09/2021Monistrol to La Clauze FR23.4735231 france023
25/09/2021La Clauze to Les Faux FR22.9391366 france024
26/09/2021Les Faux to St.Alban FR6.211402 france025
27/09/2021Saint Alban to Aumont-Aubrac FR16.1353229 france026
28/09/2021Aumont-Aubrac to Gentianes FR17.622281 france027
29/09/2021Gentianes to Aubrac FR22.4384277 france028
30/09/2021Aubrac to St. Come d'Olt FR26.63121225 france029
01/10/2021St. Come d'Olt to Estaing FR22.9246262 france030
02/10/2021Estaing to Le Soulie FR23.8601417 france031
03/10/2021Le Soulie to Conques FR17.2270487 france032
04/10/2021Conques to Decazeville FR21.2600688 france033
05/10/2021Decazeville to Felzins FR19.6331268 france034
06/10/2021Felzins to Figeac FR13.7136183 france035
06/10/2021Figeac Train to Rocamadour FR4.8 998 france036
08/10/2021Rocamadour to Labastide-Murat FR27.7482221 france037
09/10/2021Labastide-Murat to Vers FR26.8135451 france038
10/10/2021Vers to Cahors FR17.710 36 france039
11/10/2021Cahors to Lescananes FR25.8341249 france040
12/10/2021Lescananes to Lauzerte FR28.4349304 france041
13/10/2021Lauzerte to Espis FR24.6281331 france042
14/10/2021Espis to Moissac FR10.657 157 france043
30/3/2022 Moissac to Auvillar FR22.0105143 france044
31/3/2022 Auvillar to Castet-Arrouy FR24.0189206 france045
1/4/2022 Castet-Arrouy to Lectoure FR15.6190221 france046
2/4/2022 Lectoure to Condom FR24.2448518 france047
3/4/2022 Condom to Montréal FR20.3161127 france048
4/4/2022 Montréal to Eauze FR22.111237 france049
5/4/2022 Eauze to Nogaro FR23.597 101 france050
6/4/2022 Nogaro to Aire-sur-L’Adour FR24.638 87 france051
7/4/2022 Aire-sur-L’Adour to Samadet FR34.0297181 france052
8/4/2022 Samadet to Hagetaubin FR23.4119236 france053
9/4/2022 Hagetaubin to Orthez FR17.3104123 france054
11/4/2022 Orthez to Salies-de-Béarn FR21.6283320 france055
12/4/2022 Salies-de-Béarn to Masparraute FR27.4263275 france056
13/4/2022 Masparraute to Amorots FR10.110937 france057
14/4/2022 Amorots to Belloc FR22.3259370 france058
18/4/2022 Abbaye de Belloc - EASTER 2022FR- -- -- - france059
18/4/2022 Belloc to Bayonne FR26.6105161 france060
15/9/2022 Bayonne to Bidart FR19.9153133 france061
17/9/2022 Bidart to Saint Jean de Luz FR14.1170210 france062
18/9/2022 Saint Jean de Luz to Hendaye FR19.3135131 france063
19/9/2022 Irun to Pasaia ES22.6594581 spain001
20/9/2022 Pasaia to Orio ES28.2525515 spain002
21/9/2022 Orio to Zumaia ES24.7430357 spain003
22/9/2022 Zumaia to Deba ES15.6520652 spain004
23/9/2022 Mutriku to Etxebarria ES24.9789709 spain005
24/9/2022 Etxebarria to Zenurruzako ES16.2231 28 spain006
25/9/2022 Zenarruzako-Gernika ES22.1432723 spain007
26/9/2022 Gernika-Goikoeleizalde ES18.0455379 spain008
27/9/2022 Goikoeleizalde-Lezama-Bus ES 6.6 32 77 spain009
28/9/2022 Bilbao-Portugalete ES21.1405431 spain010
29/9/2022 Sightseeing in Bilbao ES- - -- - -- - -spain011
30/9/2022 Portugalete to Ondarra ES14.0118169 spain012
01/10/2022Ondarra to Santullan ES16.1286216 spain013
02/10/2022Santullan to Islares ES20.0149204 spain014
03/10/2022Islares to Liendo ES18.8251239 spain015
04/10/2022Liendo to Santoña ES17.1190207 spain016
05/10/2022Santoña to Guemes ES27.2312237 spain017
09/4/2023Santander to Boo de Piélagos ES16.3 - - spain018
10/4/2023Boo de Pielagos to Santillana del Mar ES23.7 - - spain019
11/4/2023Santillana del Mar to Comillas ES22.9 - - spain020
12/472023Comillas via San Vincente to Unquera ES16.5 - - spain021
13/4/2023Unquera via Colombres to Cue ES28.1 - - spain022
14/4/2023Cue to Naves ES20.2 - - spain023
15/4/2023Naves to San Estoban de Leces ES23.6 - - spain024
16/4/2023San Estoban de Leces to Colunga ES18.5 - - spain025
17/4/2023Colunga to Villaviciosa ES19.1 - - spain026
18/4/2023Villaviciosa to Pola de siero ES31.1 - - spain027
19/4/2023Pola de siero via Oviedo to L'Escamplero ES15.1 - - spain028
20/4/2023L'Escamplero to Doriga ES23.2 - - spain029
21/4/2023Doriga to Bodenaya ES26.3 - - spain030
22/4/2023Bodenaya to Campiella ES28.9 - - spain031
23/4/2023Campiella to Colinas de Arriba ES 9.5 - - spain032
24/4/2023Colinas de Arriba to Bercusedo (Hospitales)ES22.3 - - spain033
25/5/2023Bercusedo to Grandes de Salime ES23.5 - - spain034
26/5/2023Grandes de Salime to A Fonsagrada ES22.2 - - spain035
27/4/2023A Fonsagrada to O Cadavo ES14.0 - - spain036
28/4/2023O Cadavo to Castroverde (bus to visit Lugo)ES14.9 - - spain037
29/4/2023Lugo to Friol (O Camino Verde) ES29.4 - - spain038
30/4/2023Friol to Sobrado dos Monxes ES27.0 - - spain039
1/4/2023Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzua ES20.6 - - spain040
2/5/2023Arzua to O Amenal (Camino Frances) ES24.9 - - spain041
3/5/2023O Amenal to SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA ES17.4 - - spain042


From Graubunden leading to the Reuss-Rhone Way in Valais. From Mustair on the Tirol border to the monastery of Disentis and thence to the monastery of St. Maurice.
From St. Maurice it is possible to continue to Geneva, although we didn't do that!

31 days
515 km (approx. 17 km/day)
12105 m up   13046 m down

Date VIA SON GIACHEN   km m upm dnPage
11/07/2020Mustair to Lü CH 19.4719 39swissG01
12/07/2020Lü to S-Charl CH 19.2364 645swissG02
13/07/2020S-Charl to Ardez CH 19.6635 693swissG03
14/07/2020Ardez to Zernez CH 24.8348 312swissG04
15/07/2020Zernez to S-Chanf CH 18.4481 280swissG05
16/07/2020La Regia to Dürrboden CH 17.7972 603swissG06
17/07/2020Dürrboden to Davos CH 13.1 13 431swissG07
20/07/2020Davos to Langwies CH 13.81341031swissG08
21/07/2020Langwies to Chur CH 19.86381053swissG09
22/07/2020Chur to Domat-Ems CH 15.0320 365swissG10
23/07/2020Domat-Ems to Trin CH 11.5341 313swissG11
21/09/2020Trin to Laax CH 15.9665 544swissG14
22/09/2020Laax to Ruschein CH 12.4383 231swissG15
23/09/2020Ruschein to Andiast CH 16.9538 518swissG16
24/09/2020Andiast to Trun CH 19.8584 916swissG17
25/09/2020Trun to Disentis CH 15.6473 163swissG18
27/09/2020Disentis to Bugnei CH 10.5358 63swissG19
28/09/2020Bugnei to Oberalp CH 15.2717 128swissG20
30/09/2020Andermatt to Realp CH 17.1237 134swissG21
01/10/2020Gletch to Münster CH 17.9 95 473swissV00
03/10/2020Münster to Reckingen CH 4.7 0 65swissV02
04/10/2020Reckingen to NiederwaldCH 10.4282 354swissV03
05/10/2020Niederwald to GrengiolsCH 19.5453 805swissV04
06/10/2020Grengiols to Naters CH 15.7 88 349swissV05
05/03/2021Brig to Turtmann CH ------- ---swissV06
09/04/2021Turtmann to Leuk CH 13.8241 118swissV07
16/04/2021Leuk to Sierre CH 20.9427 640swissV08
17/04/2021Sierre to St. Léonard CH 17.6395 426swissV09
23/04/2021St.Léonard to Sion CH 14.8547 577swissV10
24/04/2021Sion to Riddes CH 22.7410 463swissV11
09/06/2021Riddes to Martigny CH 18.8153 166swissV12
10/06/2021Martigny to St.Maurice CH 22.7 95 148swissV13
◀   MAIN TO GENEVA -- -----------france001


From Rorschach to Einsiedeln
(Previously we had walked from Rapperswil to Einsiedeln on our main route.)

8 days
157.3 km (approx. 17.5 km/day)
3107 m up   2514 m down

Date RORSCHACH   km m upm dnPage
31/12/2019Rorschach to St. Gallen CH 24.8 518 165swissR01
01/01/2020St.Gallen to Herisau CH 10.4 265 220swissR02
28/05/2020Herisau to Aemisegg CH 15.6 342 140swissR03
29/05/2020Aemisegg to Wattwil CH 14.2 368 647swissR04
30/05/2020Wattwil-Schmerikon CH 23.6 376 626swissR05
12/06/2020Schmerikon-Altendorf CH 21.1 175 159swissR06
26/06/2020Siebnen to Pfäffikon (overlap) CH 16.4 33 42swissR07
04/04/2021Lachen to Einsiedeln (overlap) CH 16.8 953 462swissR08
◀   MAIN TO EINSIEDELN CH - - - -- - -swiss007
Note: The alternative route shared some of the original way!


From Basel via Burgdorf to Bern
(Previously we had walked from our home near Bern to Rüeggisberg on our main route.)

10 days
166 km   (approx. 17 km/day)
3732 m up   2859 m down

Date BASLERWEG   km m upm dnPage
22/04/2019Basel to Aesch CH 14.4 77 53swissB01
30/05/2019Aesch to Meltingen CH 17.0 436 181swissB02
31/05/2019Meltingen to Beinwil CH 10.4 231 326swissB03
9/06/2019Beinwil to Welschenroh r CH 20.1 785 579swissB04
23/06/2019Welschenrohr to Oberdorf CH 11.2 706 740swissB05
10/10/2019Oberdorf to Biberist CH 18.2 22 214swissB06
11/10/2019Biberist to Burgdorf CH 24.9 116 22swissB07
13/10/2019Burgdorf to Bern CH 27.8 675 482swissB08
8/12/2018Siloah (Bern) to KehrsatzCH 7.6 191 74swiss020
22/04/2019Kehrsatz to Rüeggisberg CH 14.1 493 188swiss021
◀   MAIN TO Rüeggisberg CH - - - -- - -swiss022

From Basel over the Jura to Biel and on to Payerne
After Payerne, the route joins up with other pilgrim ways heading to the Lake of Geneva.

14 days
238.4 km (approx. 17 km/day)
3572 m up   3364 m down

Date D R E I S E E N   W E G   km m upm dnPage
9/07/2021Basel to Mariastein CH16.1205110swissDS01
10/07/2021Marinastein to Kleinlützel CH19.5531489swissDS02
11/07/2021Kleinlützel to Delémont CH17.1430436swissDS03
12/07/2021Delémont to Moutier CH16.7317 67swissDS04
14/07/2021Rebeuvelier to Moutier CH17.5688824swissDS05
16/07/2021Moutier to Les Ecorcheresses CH13.0535150swissDS06
29/07/2021Les Ecorcheresses to BellelayCH12.9361334swissDS07
17/07/2021Bellelay to Sonceboz CH15.8178472swissDS08
18/07/2021Sonceboz to Biel/Bienne CH19.5327482swissDS09
19/07/2021Biel to La Neuveville CH18.2263273swissDS10
20/07/2021La Neuveville to Ins CH19.1152148swissDS11
21/07/2021Ins to Murten CH18.3 35 24swissDS12
22/07/2021Murten to Avenches CH16.8129139swissDS13
23/07/2021Avenches to Payerne CH17.9149129swissDS14
◀   MAIN TOWARDS LAUSANNE CH--- ------swiss026

Total of all ways

C A M I N O Days km m up m dn
Main Way 133 262830998*31296*
Via son Giachen 31 5151210513046
Rorschach 8 157 3107 2514
Baslerweg 10 166 3732 2859
Dreiseen Weg 14 238 3572 3364
OVERALL TOTALS 196 37045351453079
  Days km m up m dn
     *to be updated

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