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o A Web site with basic features can be created simply and elegantly
o A Web site needs to provide the important information quickly
o A Web site doesn't need to have complicated special effects
o A Web site can be created without Java, Flash, CGI scripting or multiple GIF files.
o If you need special effects or have complex requirements, this service isn't for you!
 Click here for the steps required to achieve your own web presence!

Web-Site Design Services

Design services are based on an hourly rate of SFr 150-, with the first hour gratis.
Setting up of domain names, internet hosting and storage etc. are considered separately.*
As a guideline:
Simple Static Web Page One hour (Gratis) Example
Single Web Page with links Typically 3hrs (300Fr) Example
Complete Web Site with linked pages and graphics Typically 21hrs (3000Fr) Example
Photo website - can include photography Hourly charge Example
Technical assistance (*)
   - upload to customer's web-server,
   - submission to search engines
   - organisation of a web host
   - etc.
Hourly charge + costs  
* The basic service consists of delivery of HTML code, with the customer being responsible for uploading to a web-server of their choice, and subsequent maintenance of the site
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I am Angus Carrick, with over 20 years Telecommunications experience and over 10 years experience in Standardization. I offer a cost effective basic web design service. I was secretary of ETSI TM6 (DSL standards) for 7 years, and am now an independent consult in the areas of Standardization (Monitoring, Advising, Influencing); Project Support (System Definition, Standards Support, Documentation, Product Support); Specialist Translation Services ( German-English, Technical Translations, Technical Proof Reading) Other keywords: norm normierung xDSL HDSL SDSL übersetzung uebersetzung translation web design

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