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The main purpose of this site is to enable SwissCC members to see who is looking for work, and to point them to useful contacts. It is extemely unlikely that employers will search the internet for people to employ, although interested parties can download information once they have been given the password. Individual documents can be password protected, so that only those authorized by the owner can read them.
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Currently this information is of most relevance to technolgy jobs in and around Berne,
but I'm happy to include any other useful links that anyone might have!

SECO: Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft - Official Swiss (Un)employment Site!

AHV-IV   (Bern AHV-IV)   Was sind die RAV

o Newspapers with employment sections o Employment agencies and job search web sites o Companies' Web Sites

(There is no particular logic behind this selection, other than the fact that newspaper advertisments drew my attention to the companies concerned,
and so they are mainly technology companies with recent job openings! )

        Thanks to Andy Fuchs for some of these links!

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The following table contains information about people currently seeking work in Switzerland. In order to download the files, you need to have a SwissCC members password. Additionally, individuals documents may require a password to open them, if the owner wishes to restrict access.

If you would like to have your details featured here, feel free to contact

To download a document, click on the symbol in the lefthand column or on the filename.
(Passwords can be obtained from the contact email given in the column " password ")
  Description or Keywords Filename Size Contact email Additional Information
[Download pdf file] Telecom, ETSI, ITU, Standards, System Design, DSL, Project Support, Normierung, Translations Carrick_cv.pdf 44 kByte - - <C L I C K> for more
[Download pdf file] Staff Management, Administration, Sales, Promotions, PR, cv0001.pdf 18 kByte Contact email address for SwissCC to obtain password -
[Download pdf file] Electrical engineering, trainee-ship, support, production, assembly, cleaning. cv0002.pdf 9 kByte - - - -
[Download pdf file] 25 years IT experience concentrating on the operations side, interested in back office work cv0003.pdf 8 kByte - - - -
[Download pdf file] I am skilled in modern computers, teaching English, the hotel trade, but would like to find a position in customer relations, cv0004.pdf 8 kByte - -
[Download zip archive of cv and references] Looking for work with an international company in Bern or Freiberg where the common language in English.
Experience and expertise in the field of marketing predominantly sales and also administration. 3584 kByte Contact email address -
[Pdf format] Adobe Acrobat Format [Zip archive] Zip archive

[Download Adobe Acrobat reader]  Documents in pdf format require a viewer
such as Adobe Acrobat Viewer
[Download Adobe Acrobat reader]

The following points may be of use for anyone using internet (in particular email) tools for job hunting.

  1. Your email address should resemble your name as much as possible.
  2. Have your own email address - not that of a spouse or family, as this can be confusing
  3. All your documentation should contain the reply email address
  4. Documentation should be in a standard computer format. (pdf is ideal)
  5. Filenames of attached documents should contain your name to simplify retrieval
  6. Always provide a message title and body for an email even if you only want to send an attachment.
    (The recipient may delete an empty mail or one without an intelligible title as a virus)
  7. Check your email account(s) regularly :-)

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