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  Updated 31-01-2007
1.Personal Details
  Name: Angus Rennie CARRICK
  Nationality:BRITISH, born 4th November 1956 in Greenock, Scotland
  Residence status:Swiss 'C'-Ausweis, resident in Switzerland since 1986.
2.Summary of Education
  1963 - 1975 Regent House Grammar School (G.C.E. 'A' level certificates)
  1975 - 1978 Peterhouse, Cambridge (Masters Degree in Electrical Sciences)
  1981 - 1983 University of Essex, Colchester - part time
    (Masters Degree in Telecommunications Systems)
  1986 Qualified as Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (
Registered as a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council UK. (
3.Language Skills
  English: Mother tongue.
  German: Very good spoken and technical translation into English, average written ability.
  French: Beginners level spoken and written ability.
  Bern Dialect: Acceptable level of understanding.
4.Most recent Professional Activities
•  System Engineer with RUAG Electronics, Bern, Switzerland (2004 to present)
Part of an interdisciplinary system team developing complete simulation systems for military training installations.
Systems design for military simulation systems based on free-space optics, LANs, WLANs and UHF Radio data modems.
Study projects: Inertial and magnetic sensors; modern wireless data communication systems; frequency planning
•  Independent Consulting (2003-2004):
Standardization representation (ETSI TM6 - Access networks).
Specialist German – English translations and Business English lessons.
Web-site design. (e.g. Bern-English).
•  System Engineer (Technical Specialist) with KEYMILE Ltd. (formerly Ascom), Berne, Switzerland. (until 2003)
Hardware Systems design for DSL telecommunication products.
Performance analysis and evaluation of DSL modems.
Technical supportfor sales and marketing departments; Customer presentations.
     (DSL = Digital Subscriber Line: a technology enabling data to be sent over normal telephone wires. ADSL is the commonly known variety.)
•  Responsible for DSL standardization work within Ascom Transmission Ltd. (1992 to 2003)
Representing Keymile/Ascom in ETSI TM6, the European standardization group specifying DSL technology and spectrum management in the metallic access network.
Committee secretary for ETSI TM6 from 1996 to 2003
Monitoring international DSL standardization groups including ITU-T Q.4/15, T1E1.4, DSL Forum and OFTEL NICC